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Toyota FCHV Advanced Hydrogen Vehicle Has Range of 516 Miles

Yesterday, I had talked about the researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory being able to squeeze out 650 miles from one fill up on a Toyota Prius hydrogen car. Today, Toyota has taken it upon themselves to announce their new FCHV Advanced (FCHV-adv) with a new fuel cell and range of 516 miles.

The FCHV-adv will also come with a minimally larger hydrogen tank and a fuel cell that functions in temperatures as low as -30 C. The new generation fuel cell is 25-percent more efficient than the last generation fuel cell. This is a needed upgrade to the Toyota FCHV that the company has been demonstrating for several years now.

Earlier this week, the Japanese government approved the FCHV-adv and Toyota will start leasing the vehicle to the government later this year. The Toyota FCHV-adv also comes with an upgraded braking system and can achieve speeds up to 97 mph.

A couple of years ago many critics were worried about hydrogen cars being able to reach the 300-mile range the U. S. government had called for in order for a vehicle to be commercially viable. Within the last 6 months, this 300 mile marker has been shattered time and again by hydrogen vehicles. In fact, H2 cars now set a standard for all other cars, trucks and SUV’s to try to match. Oh, what a feeling – hydrogen technology.

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