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Technical University of Denmark Advances Hydrogen Car Technology

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is making significant headway in hydrogen car technology. First, researchers at DTU have discovered a hydrogen tablet that stores hydrogen inexpensively and safely allowing drivers of hydrogen cars and vehicles to drive 400 miles using a normal-size fuel tank.

According to the DTU researchers, the tablet is so safe you can carry it around in your pocket without any kind of precautions. The tablet consists primarily of ammonia absorbed efficiently in sea-salt and when hydrogen is needed, a catalyst releases the hydrogen from the ammonia.

DTU researchers, including four students, have also applied for a patent for a new type of hydrogen car that is much more fuel-efficient that any other hydrogen car currently built. Last year the four students set a world record when they drove 25 kilometers on 10 grams of hydrogen. This corresponds to over 1,400 miles per gallon of gasoline.

DTU has a long history of technical achievement since it has been in existence since 1829, teaching engineering at a high academic level. One of the university’s most famous professors, Hans Christian Ørsted, has been attributed with the discovery of electromagnetism.

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  1. I wanted to spend a munite to thank you for this article about Denmark advancing hydrogen cars and infrastructure. I will be spending some time there in the future and I hope I am able to be a part of the growing H2 economy.

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