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Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept – Czech It Out

Tatra 903Tatra, a Czechoslovakian company, is the third oldest vehicle manufacturer in the world behind Daimler / Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot. Not to be confused with the ultra cheap Tata Motors from India, Tatra has come out with a new design concept (as in not yet a prototype) of a fuel cell vehicle called the 903 Fuel Cell Concept.

Created by Mike Jelinek for Czech magazine AutoDesign & Styling, the Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept was to show off a futuristic aerodynamic design of what a hydrogen car could look like some time off in the distance. Tatra had stopped building cars altogether in 1999 and now concentrates only on the truck marketplace.

Designed like the Deusenberg of the 1930s, the Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept was influenced by modern wind tunnel design with a teardrop rear and sleek four-door functionality that doesn’t take away from the lines of the vehicle.

There are no official production plans for the Tatra 903 Fuel Cell Concept, though there should be. With its unique styling, early adopter auto enthusiasts everywhere would be waiting in line for a limited edition version of this very slick vehicle.

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