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Suzuki SX4 FCV Highlighted at Paris Auto Show

Suzuki SX-4 FCVAt the Paris Auto Show, Suzuki has given a sneak peak of its SX4 fuel cell vehicle (FCV) plus the Suzuki Crosscage FCV motorcycle to eager car show fans. I had talked about the Suzuki SX4 FCV in July, 2008 and how it would be road tested in Japan.

Now, Suzuki has decided to do a little showing off with some updated numbers from the previous prototype from the middle of this past summer. The Suzuki SX4 FCV that is being shown off in Paris, according to the automaker, can achieve 93 mph using 107 hp and a range of 155 miles.

The Suzuki SX4 FCV uses a fuel cell designed by General Motors and a has a 68 kw electric motor and a 10,000 psi compressed hydrogen tank. One of the little “extras” that the Suzuki SX4 FCV has is a set of capacitors for quick starts off the line and to relieve the fuel cell when more power is needed.

Normally, Suzuki is one of the wallflowers of the auto show circuit, hiding in the back corner, trying not to attract too much attention. So, it’s good to see the hydrogen car and motorcycle maker stepping out and showing off their green technology.

What will be next for the green automaker? Could there be fuel cell ATVs, scooters and marine engines just off on the horizon? Only time will tell, but it’s about time another fuel cell vehicle player stepped up in the marketplace. Suzuki could just be the dark horse of this FCV race.

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