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Shanghai Express Lane for Hydrogen Cars

China is getting excited about hydrogen fuel cell technology lately rolling out three DaimlerChrysler hydrogen buses in Beijing (as I had talked about in an earlier post). Out of all of the large Chinese cities, though, perhaps the most progressive when it comes to hydrogen technology is Shanghai.

Shanghai is also set to receive three hydrogen fuel cell buses later this year powered by Ballard fuel cell stacks. In addition, there is a plan afoot by the Shanghai Municipal Government to support a 5-year, “10-100-1000” initiative.

The initiative calls for Shanghai to roll out 10 hydrogen FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) by 2005, 100 by 2007 and 1,000 by 2010. Shanghai’s Medium to Long Term Science and Technology Development Plan is geared towards creating a “circular economy” using FCVs as one component to achieve ecological conservation, environmental protection and resource efficiency.

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