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SAHIMO Hydrogen Car by Turkish Students Gets 340 Miles per Liter

SAHIMOTurkish students at Sakarya University have developed the SAHIMO hydrogen car that gets approximately 340 miles per liter (and for those counting a liter is approximately 1/4 of a gallon, so you can do the math).

The group that developed the SAHIMO hydrogen car is the Sakarya University Advanced Technologies Implementation Group (SAITEM), comprised mostly of students who do the technical and mechanical work. Other parts of this same group look for sponsorships and do press promotion.

The SAHIMO hydrogen car took third place in the 2009 European Shell Eco Marathon. In the past, I’ve talked about the 2007 and 2009 U. S. Shell Eco Marathons where hydrogen cars also had a good showing.

Like the other vehicles that compete in these eco marathons, besides the power source, lightweight construction of the cars is the most important factor. SAHIMO hydrogen car is made up of 90-percent carbon fiber helping it to be a very light vehicle.

As the U. S. hydrogen car program falters because of governmental budget cuts it’s good to see European nations charging full steam ahead with vehicles that emit only steam. As they say, when in Turkey do as the Turks do or something along those lines.

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  1. Just to do the math (for comparison’s sake, and to add a little perspective for those not as familiar with h2 weight conversions):

    The Honda FXC gets about 68 miles / kg of H2
    This student car gets about 4,793 miles / kg of H2.

    Of course, the Honda weighs 3,528 lbs and the student car weighs 243 lbs (not quite highway safe I imagine).

  2. dear sir
    i’m under-graduation mechanical engineering .this year we set our project as hydrogen engine but liquefaction process is problem can you give us advice to skip this problem

  3. admin

    Yes, skip liquid hydrogen and go directly to using compressed hydrogen gas.

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