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Riversimple Urban Car Update

Yesterday I talked about the Riversimple Urban Car as an open source fuel cell vehicle that could spread like wildfire to Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, the U. S. and other countries with a budding hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Since then I’ve heard from Toby Guise, a consultant for the Riversimple Urban Car who has some information to add. According to Mr. Guise,

“Main points are below:

1) The car is powered by a 6kw fuel cell versus 100kw in current production models like the Honda Clarity. This means, for the first time, you are driving around in something the size of Smart Car which uses a manageable amount of hydrogen, with attendant impact on range and efficiency.

2) The design will eventually be open-sourced on the internet, meaning the cars can be built and adapted around the world rather than in a few factories and then exported.

3) The cars will be leased with all fuel costs included – this removes the whole issue of a spare parts industry, obsolesce, and scrapping, and instead creates a vested interest in the longevity and re-usability of the material

So, aside from the technical feat of using a practicably small and cheap fuel cell, the car is also intended to:

1) unlock the debate about what a hydrogen economy would look like and;

2) undermine currents assumptions about R&D and manufacture, which will cause even hydrogen cars to be high impact if they are perpetuated.”

One additional key element is that the Riversimple Urban Car is said to be able to achieve 300 mpg equivalent when fueled by hydrogen.

The Riversimple Urban Car will be unveiled Tuesday 16th June at London’s Somerset House. Some of the notables attending the ceremony include the engineer behind the Riversimple, Hugo Spowers and its major investor Sebastian Piëch.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but did,nt Clarkson & Co do a program on a hydrogen car some years ago which they raved about
    They stated that it produced enough electricity to power 5 houses
    If I,m correct it was a prototype from peugeot and were waiting to go into production
    Whatever happened
    Lorcan Whyte

  2. Madalynn Thostenson

    the riversimple urban car is an amazing alternative to gas powered cars… not only is it afordable but it is also cute… if it was easyer to get a hold of it would sherly be a true hit.

  3. 300 mpg is twice as good as a Tesla Roadster. How efficient are those fuel cells? Only 50% is max, according to so “300 mpg” might be bullshit.

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