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Riversimple MK2 to Be Unveiled February 17, 2016

Hydrogen fuel cell carmaker Riversimple has stated that they intend to unveil the new 2-seater MK2 (Mark 2) automobile on February 17, 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Boasting 250 mpge and a 300 mile range the Riversimple MK2 represents a significant leap for fuel cell vehicles.

The vehicle contains an 8.5 kW PEM fuel cell, carbon fiber frame, compressed hydrogen tank, regenerative braking, supercapacitors and in-wheel motors.

Riversimple not only intends to rollout disruptive technology in the UK but also a unique offering to its customers.

According to Riversimple, “A nippy 0-55 mph in 9 seconds, it is light to handle, responsive and fun to drive. About 250 mpg equivalent, it emits nothing more than a tiny amount of water. The Riversimple service includes the car and all associated running costs, including fuel … We’re a different sort of car company.  We’ll never sell a car as a product.  We offer mobility as a service.  For a fixed monthly fee our customers will receive a car – their car – and all the maintenance, insurance and fuel to run it.  One payment to cover everything – at the equivalent monthly cost of running a normal, average car.”

As complex as the technology of this vehicle may sound, Riversimple has made it easy to drive a hydrogen car now.




Photos Courtesy Riversimple


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