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Quantum Develops Ford Escape Hydrogen Hybrids for Army

Quantum Fuel Systems of Irvine, California has received an order from the U. S. Army to convert six Ford Escape Hybrids into hydrogen-powered vehicles. This comes after the successful completion of an earlier conversion of a Ford Escape Hybrid for the Army’s TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center), proving the viability of the project.

Quantum typically retrofits Toyota Priuses, Escape Hybrids and other vehicles with their patented fuel injection and hydrogen storage systems. The Ford Escape Hydrogen Hybrids will be used as fleet vehicles for administrators at two separate facilities in North America.

This is not the first time Quantum has worked with the U. S. Army, however. The Quantum Aggressor alternative mobility vehicle was developed as a hydrogen-powered stealth off-road vehicle with a nearly undetectable thermal footprint. The Quantum Aggressor is also nearly twice as fast as other ATV’s tested.

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  1. Kevin;
    I was wondering if you had any contact or knowledge about, Kevin West. He says he is very close to runnig his truck on water, also do you know anything about the hydrostar system. A manual showing how to run your car on water.
    Any info i would appreciate very much. Thanks so much Gary

  2. Gary,

    Sorry, I haven’t heard any feedback positive or negative about these two companies. I would like to, though. So, if anyone who stumbles across here has some first hand knowledge or can give the URL to a message board thread about either of these companies, it will be appreciated.

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