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Quantum Converting Cars for HyNor Project

I would like to follow up to a blog posting from yesterday about converting cars to run on hydrogen where I had mentioned Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Incorporated as one of the leading companies in the field. After writing the blog post, I was able to catch up with Quantum’s Andy Abele, Executive Director, Strategic Development for a couple of follow-up questions.

Here are the questions:

Hydro Kevin (HK): What is the range of converted Prius vehicles?

Andy Abele (AA): The range of the Hydrogen Prius with the extended range package is about 100 miles. As with all vehicles, the range is dependent on the driver and driving cycle.

HK: What is the cost per vehicle to convert each Prius to run on hydrogen?

AA: The current conversion cost is in the range of $85,000 – 90,000 per vehicle.

HK: How many vehicles has Quantum converted to run on hydrogen to date?

AA: We have converted over 50 to date and are anticipating additional orders in the near future.

So, as one can see, Quantum has plenty of experience in converting cars with internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen gas. But, converting cars for the HyNor Project is not all that Quantum is doing in regard to promoting hydrogen as transportation fuel.

Quantum is developing the HyHauler and the HyHauler Plus which are portable hydrogen generation and delivery solutions. These two portable hydrogen generation systems will aid in the building of the necessary hydrogen infrastructure to support hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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