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Morgan LifeCar to Debut at 2008 Geneva Motor Show

The Morgan LifeCar is getting a new life at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. The specialty carmaker who hand-builds all of its automobiles has been working on the LifeCar for, what seems like, a lifetime. The LifeCar will be built upon Morgan’s traditional wooden frame, yet will incorporate a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system into its Old School meets New Age design.

The Morgan LifeCar will be based upon the aerodynamic styling of the Aero 8, currently sold in the U. S. in limited numbers for around $115,000. The Morgan LifeCar is expected to have a range of around 200 miles according its director, Charles Morgan. The LifeCar will also be a hybrid vehicle as well, using ultracapacitors for storing electricity and expelling quick bursts of power.

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