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Michelin Fuel Cell to Go into FAM F-City Car

FAM F-CityBecause so much is riding on your tires, Michelin, the tire company has decided to develop a fuel cell. That’s right, a tire company developing a hydrogen fuel cell which will go inside a FAM F-City car in France.

This will be the first fuel cell vehicle in France to win certification to drive on its roads. The FAM F-City (pictured above) will run mainly off its nickel hydride batteries and use the hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender.

According to this article, “By the end of the year, the F-CITY model built by FAM will use a fuel cell range extender created at Michelin’s research centre in Switzerland. At present, the two-seater car is powered by nickel hydride batteries.

“The first pack to link a low capacity lithium ion battery with a hydrogen tank, the Michelin unit weighs 120kg and promises a range of more than 112 miles from one kilogram of compressed gas.”

For those not familiar with FAM Automobiles S.A.S., they were founded and reside in Etupes, France since 1986. They build prototype vehicles including electric, CNG, LPG and now hydrogen hybrids. FAM also plans to introduce production vehicles such as the all-electric version of the F-City, plus after the public utilities in France have test it, the hydrogen hybrid version of same car.

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