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Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell Concept to Debut in Detroit Next Month

BlueZero F-CellPhotos and information have been leaking (trickling out) about the new Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell Concept and companion vehicles set to debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January. The BlueZero F-cell, a fuel cell vehicle, is supposed to rollout along side the BlueZero E-Cell, an all electric vehicle and the E-Plus Cell, a plug-in hybrid.

Not many specs are known yet about the Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell due to the nature and reasons for leakage in general. But, here is some information about the BlueZero F-Cell that I’ve gathered from several sources.

The range is expected to be around 249 miles. Like the other models, the F-Cell also uses a lithium-ion electric drive and a 100 Kw electric motor. The fuel cell is rated at 136 bhp with 236 lb-ft of torque.

While the American carmakers continue to struggle, mired knee deep in bailout negotiations, leave it to a German automaker to show off three similar alternative electric motor vehicles. BlueZero may just be the hero in Detroit at the auto show upcoming in just a few weeks.

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