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Mercedes Benz F 015 Spied Tooling Around San Francisco

So which is cooler, hydrogen cars or driverless cars? And why can’t we have both? That’s what Mercedes-Benz is saying with their autonomous f 015 fuel cell vehicle.

Reddit user SFChillin spotted the car cruising the streets of San Francisco a couple of weekends ago. picked up on the story, “On Thursday morning, a veritable car from the future was spotted zipping around San Francisco. The sleek auto prompted a flurry of Tweets, Instagrams, and Reddit chat, with everyone asking what’s up. Turns out Mercedes-Benz was behind the brouhaha. It was all part of the luxury brand’s F015 self-driving car concept.”

Since it is impossible to see inside, no one knows if this was a truly driverless experiment or if there was in fact a driver as a backup.

And, of course this could have been a PR stunt to setup this ultra-cool 2 minute video –

The Mercedes F 015 was unveiled at the 2015 CES show in January so expect so see this vehicle tooling around the streets for the foreseeable future.


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