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Mercedes and Lexus Show Off New Hydrogen Car Videos

Mercedes and Lexus recently have posted separate videos about their hydrogen cars and the minimal impact to the environment they each have.

On the Mercedes a Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera was mounted on one side of the vehicle and the other sides of the vehicle was covered with LED projectors which gives the effect that a person can see through this “invisible” vehicle. The inference is that the Mercedes hydrogen car has no impact on the environment.

You can see this video here:


In regard to Toyota’s Lexus LFA-h this is a different kind of promotion altogether. The Lexus LFA-h contains a 600 hp V10 internal combustion engine which is more powerful than the standard gasoline powered LFA that is rated at 552 hp with its 4.8 liter V10 engine.

Toyota intends to produce only 500 of the Lexus LFA cars worldwide with a whopping sticker price of $375,000 each. The Lexus LFA-h video however takes place in a desert. The only emissions is a little water which gives life to the few plants that will grow there.

You can see this video here:

Lexus LFA-h

So, to sum up, the Mercedes video was created to show the “invisible” environmental impact of hydrogen cars. The Lexus LFA-h video was created to show not only this but the power and speed that drivers don’t have to sacrifice by going green. I’ll let you decide which video and idea you prefer.

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