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Kia and Hyundai Pushing FCVs in the Next Decade

Hyundai FCEVNext week, Kia will rollout the Borrego FCEV at the L. A. Auto Show among a bunch of glitz, glamour and hype that is typical of the Los Angeles venue. The Kia Borrego FCEV is one-upping the Sportage that the South Korean automaker has been showing off over the past several years.

I’ve driven the Kia Sportage on a couple of occasions when it has passed through the Southern California area and it’s a fine ride. Here’s more info on the Borrego FCEV and how it compares favorably to the Sportage.

Now, Kia has announced that by 2010, they want to start rolling out the Borrego FCEV in limited numbers. Automotive partner, Hyundia on the other hand has loftier plans for 2012. It is this year that Hyundai expects to start rolling out up to 1,000 fuel cell vehicles.

By 2018, Hyundai is gearing up to have 30,000 FCV on the roadways as well. And by 2030, the projection is for 1 million Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to by cruising the highways and byways of different nations.

So, when the big names in hydrogen cars such as GM, Honda and BMW tend to dominate the headlines, Kia / Hyundai are quietly masterminding their surge into this developing market.

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