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Jesse James Tries for Hydrogen Car Land-Speed Record in California

Now, that Jesse James has finished with Donald Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice” he’s moving back into what he knows best, fast vehicles. Apparently the Green Scream from last year fell short of expectations, so now James is onto another project.

Jesse James is the owner of West Coast Choppers and is also the star of Spike TV show, “Jesse James is a Dead Man” where all sorts of stunts are performed. The new hydrogen car land-speed record will be attempted for airing on the season’s final episode of James’ TV show.

The vehicle that Jesse James bought for this adventure is actually a Dees-Milodon Engineering-Davis B Streamliner that is over 40 years old and once raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats with a top speed of 237 mph. James has decided to repurpose this vehicle with hydrogen and run it in a Southern California dry lake.

The 10,000 psi gaseous H2 tanks come from Quantum Technologies and the engine is a modified Chevy 572 internal combustion engine with twin turbos. If Jesse James lives up to his outlaw name, good things will happen with this hydrogen racecar.

Speed combined with zero emissions will be enough the draw the attention of many fans.

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