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Israeli Hydrogen Car Being Developed

First there was the rumor of the Israel Isracar (that I’ve been unable to confirm) using hydrogen in an internal combustion engine and now there is another Israeli company called C.En, which is indeed developing a hydrogen car, which I have been able to confirm. Not to put the cart too far before the horse, this Israeli hydrogen car is in the early stages of development.

It is so early that there is no car just yet only a tank to hold the compressed hydrogen gas. But, the German, Russian and Israeli developers wanted to start with the tank technology, seeing this as a major obstacle in the development of the entire automobile.

Making a storage tank safe, lightweight and able to hold enough compressed hydrogen to propel a car at least 300 miles was the goal. C.En exceeded this goal by developing a 110-pound tank that will power a car for a projected 373 miles. The Israeli company says they are motivated to develop this hydrogen car in order to offer an alternative to Middle East oil that currently affords many countries an inordinate amount of economic power in the region.

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