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Iceland Healed By Hertz Hydrogen Rental Cars

I want to follow up with a story I had talked about last week concerning Hertz hydrogen cars for rent in Iceland. Hertz has acquired three of 10 converted Toyota Priuses that use compressed hydrogen gas. Iceland has just converted the world’s first hydrogen filling station to now be open to the public.

Reuters has a good video on the project that is worth checking out. The 10 Priuses that were converted and delivered by Quantum are part of Iceland’s Smart-H2 project, which aims in use geothermal energy, hydropower and introduce hydrogen vehicles to cut greenhouse gases by 50-percent.

There is also another good article on that talks about the 10 Priuses in Iceland. According to writer Eileen Gunn, the Hertz hydrogen rental Prius vehicles can travel about 180 miles on a single tank. She also states about Iceland, “…if they can get 300 hydrogen cars on the road and four more fueling stations up and running, they’ll reach the tipping point necessary to wean the fuel off the subsidies it receives and jump-start his country’s hydrogen economy.”

As one can see, Iceland is well on its way towards its goal of becoming the world’s first hydrogen economy. And, in regards to putting hydrogen cars on the roads, every little Hertz helps.

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