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Hyundai Tucson ix35 Hydrogen Car Rollout Rumor

The 2012 Paris Motor Show starts in a few days and runs from Saturday, September 29 through October 14. And during this European auto show, something historic is supposed to happen.

In April 2012, I had talked about how Hyundai was supposed to start rolling out 1,000 Tucson ix35 vehicles late in 2012. Well, now it’s getting late in 2012.

According to the Mercury News in San Jose, California, Hyundai will be announcing the December 2012 rollout of their hydrogen fuel cell Tucson ix35 at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The selling price will be around $88,000 but is expected to drop by the year 2015 to around $44,700.

Because of economies of scale and mass production, by the year 2020, Hyundai says it will be producing 100,000 hydrogen cars per year. Of course customer acceptance is still a big unknown issue especially when a refueling infrastructure isn’t in place in most regions.

Be that as it may, sometimes when there is a push for radical change, the chicken has to come before the egg (or is it vice versa?). And, Hyundai is betting on the “if we build it, then they will build it” philosophy of putting out hydrogen cars out ahead of the supporting infrastructure.

The Mayans predicted that December 2012 would be either the end of the universe of the start of radical change in this world. The start of the hydrogen car revolution needs to be on your calendar as well.

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  1. Really?? from $88,000 to the bottom of my socks $44,700. I don’t know If people will be hooked to it by that time. Let’s just see.

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