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Hyundai I-Blue Hydrogen Crossover Comes to Frankfurt

The Hyundai I-Blue hydrogen fuel cell crossover utility vehicle (CUV) is coming to the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 13. The third-generation fuel cell for the Hyundai I-Blue was developed at Mabuk, Korea at the Eco-Technology Research Institute. The rest of the vehicle was developed at Chiba, Japan at the Hyundai Design and Technical Center.

The theme of Germany’s premiere auto show is “See What’s Driving the Future” and is targeted towards the sustainability of green vehicles. The Hyundai I-Blue is the first ever hydrogen fuel cell vehicle designed from the ground up unlike its predecessors.

In 2004, Hyundai introduced the Tucson FCEV that uses the second-generation fuel cell, has a driving range of 186 miles and a top speed of 93 mph. The Tucson FCEV followed the Hyundai Sante Fe FCEV, which was demonstrated in the year 2000.

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