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HyPower Plug-In Hybrid Hydrogen-On-Demand Vehicle Announced

HyPower Fuel Inc. is teaming up with Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to develop plug-in hybrid flex-fuel vehicles running on hydrogen. Leading the project will be Dr. Clifton Ricketts who has been a professor at MTSU for over 30 years and is a 15-year title-holder for land-speed records for a hydrogen vehicle at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

One of the goals of the HyPower-MTSU project is to build a hydrogen-powered racecar to set another record at the same salt flats in Utah. Within the next 8 months, Professor Ricketts and HyPower are expecting to collaborate on several flex fuel demonstration projects and the hydrogen racecar.

I was able to catch up with Hypower spokesperson Tom Hochhausen to clarify a few more points in the article. Here’s the short discussion:

Hydro Kevin (HK): In the H2 Reactor, what catalyst is being used to facilitate the electrolysis reaction with water?

Tom Hochhausen (TH): As to the catalyst we are using, that is a proprietary secret at this time. That information may be available once the patents are pending. Our patent lawyer is currently working on the patents.

HK: Besides the racecar planned with MTSU what other future cars will have the H2 Reactor system?

TH: Other than assisting Dr. Ricketts with his vehicles, we are also working on a VW GTi and have future plans for a Ford Fusion.

HK: Are there any other details you can give me about your hydrogen-on-demand process without violating the proprietary secrets (NDA’s, patents, etc)?

TH: In regard to the volume of water, the preliminary estimates are that a car would use half the volume of water than it would of gasoline. As far as the water type is concerned, the H2 unit has been designed to meet certain performance standards. The better the quality of water that better and longer the H2 unit will perform. We have our own “special” water that may well prove to be required to get a warranty on the unit. Our special water is manufactured to our specifications and has certain properties that standard distilled water does not have. Our water is cleaner than any other distilled water on the market. We have it manufactured specifically for us to our exacting specifications.

And, there you have it. HyPower Fuel Incorporated is busy creating its super secret sauce that will help hydrogen racecars drive faster while conserving half the fuel as gasoline-powered cars. Stay tuned for more super secret developments as they are disclosed about a technology that could rock the hydrogen gas industry.

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