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Hydrogen Road Tour ’08 Making News

A couple of weeks ago I jumped the gun and talked about the Hydrogen Road Tour 2008 coming to 31 cities across the U. S. After this announcement, the details were taken down from the website for a week or so and then a new and improved website was unveiled. The U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has put up a similar website as well.

Today, the Hydrogen Road Tour ’08 is all over the news. is reporting the road tour coinciding with the opening of the first H2 refueling station in Massachusetts at Billerica. is talking about the Hydrogen Road Tour 2008 coming to Connecticut along with plans to open up their first H2 fueling station in the near future.

An article in the New York Sun talks about the road tour stopping there. And, the Chattanooga Times Free Press is talking about the Hydrogen Road Tour and in particular the VW Hymotion coming to the state of Tennessee.

There is a video worth watching that talks about the beginning stops of the tour and features the BMW Hydrogen 7 which is powered by a dual fuel internal combustion engine and not a fuel cell. The U. S. DOT Deputy Secretary Thomas Barrett has also gotten into the blogging action by posting about the road tour.

So, needless to say, the Hydrogen Road Tour ’08 is off to a grand start. And, it’s picking up momentum every step of the way.

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