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Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation Gets Green Light in Detroit

The Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation was announced this week in Detroit, Michigan as the razzamatazz of the 2007 North American International Auto Show in the same city was hitting its peak. The Federation will be promoting a new racing event called the Hydrogen 500, featuring hydrogen electric fuel cell powered racecars.

The first Hydrogen 500 competition is expected to debut in 2009, with more races planned for 2010 and 2011. The Hydrogen 500 will give the world’s largest automakers a chance to show off new and advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology in an exciting racecar setting. The Hydrogen 500 will be open to hydrogen fuel cell cars only as hydrogen ICE (internal combustion engines) will not be permitted to race in this venue.

Peter DeLorenzo, CEO of the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation made the announcement of the Hydrogen 500 in front of notables from the big automakers, tire manufacturers and CEOs from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy Racing League and American Le Mans Series.

In August, I had talked about the Formula Zero fuel cell go-cart races that were being planned in Europe by two Dutch designers. The goal of these fuel cell go-cart races was to eventually turn the venue into a full-size hydrogen fuel cell car race by 2015. It looks like the Hydrogen 500 will be stealing a bit of thunder in this regard, though the world is a big enough place to hold multiple hydrogen fuel cell racecar competitions and showcase the latest technology the car manufacturers have to offer.

Ah, yes, one day it may even be that Indy 500 Formula H racecars are running around the track. Won’t that be a sight?

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