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Hydrogen Carmakers Giving Test Drives

Hydrogen car manufacturers are coming out of their shells a bit and giving more test drives recently. Nissan Motors is offering up its X-Trail FCV every weekend over the next year at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan for those who wish to take it for a test drive. The test drives will serve to promote Nissan’s fuel cell SUV as well as give its engineers valuable technical details about the practical use of hydrogen cars and vehicles.

In the U. S., DaimlerChrysler has been promoting its Mercedes-Benz F-Cell passenger cars by letting motorists in several locations in California take them for test drives to the Department of Motor Vehicles while getting their driver’s licenses.

It’s good to see the automakers putting their new hydrogen cars out before the public in new and creative ways in order to collect data on the cars and get the public excited about a future filled with hydrogen cars. It will be even more exciting in a couple more years when we start seeing drivers of hydrogen cars looking for parking spaces at Wal-Mart.

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