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Hydrogen Car for Sale

Not often do I get the chance to utter the phrase, “hydrogen cars for sale” but today I do. Once before I was proud enough to day the phrase hydrogen truck for sale but now a “used” H2 car has come on the market.

The hydrogen car for sale is a 1972 Gremlin that was put together by faculty and students in the same year for the purpose in competing in a one time event called the Urban Vehicle Design Competition. The vehicle was donated by GM and the engine, a 351 Boss was donated by Ford.

Above I’ve linked to a page that carried my details about the hydrogen car for sale but I would like to provide a few additional details after speaking with the seller. Because privacy is a concern, Damon asked me not to use his last name or the name of the owner.

The current owner is in Florida and is a car collector with over 25 other vehicles who decided it was time to let this 1972 Gremlin go for $9,000. The collector bought the hydrogen car in the 1990’s from a company called Barris, the customized the Gremlin and raced it a few times.

This hydrogen car for sale has been in several museums and comes with a fragile log book detailing its adventures. If you have a serious inquiry about this vehicle, please call Damon at 1-813-789-6125.

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  1. I am in search of a mechanic who will help me convert my Toyota Pick-up to accept Hyrdrogen fuel. Does anyone know anyone who can help??

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