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Hydrogen Boosting Technology – the Thrilla of Gorilla

A couple of weeks ago I had blogged about several companies developing hydrogen-on-demand systems. These systems are meant to completely power one’s vehicle using hydrogen gas.

But, there is another system that some manufacturers have developed using hydrogen to boost a normal engine’s performance, increase gas mileage and reduce emissions. One such company is GetHydroPower, which has recently developed the Gorilla 20-cell Electrolyzer unit for larger engines (over 4-liter).

Unlike many other units that fit underneath the hood, this unit, weighing 80-pounds is too large for that and must fit either in the trunk or truck bed. The Gorilla draws 60-amps from the alternator until it is fully charged, then 15-amps after that.

The hydrogen boosting unit delivers both hydrogen and oxygen to the vehicle’s intake system and is stated to deliver gasoline savings of 15 to 50 percent. Unlike some other units that use distilled water, the Gorilla uses a proprietary electrolyte solution that needs to be refilled about every 6,000 miles.

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  1. Hello everybody, I have been studing all about hydrogen and orgone to run a car on water for 7 month, I´m doing many researches and I´ve readed around 2,000 pages of stanley meyer, the joe cell, yull brown, fernando jimenez moscol, daniel dingel, sully DC, hydrostar, hydrobooster, xogen technology, and a lot more, almost all of them says: they can run a car on water, I´ve watched all their videos and I dont know if it´s true but if it´s they anyway produce more hydrogen than gorilla from my question is: why if gethydropower can produce that amount of hydrogen (much more than the others that I already said), why they say that you just can save from 15 to 50 % of gasoline if they produce more hydrogen than xogen tecnology , and xogen tecnology produce less hydrogen and say that you can run your car on hydrogen? it means that one of them are cheating us. you can compare the videos. here are the links :

    ie. you can compare too, searching at google the stanley meyer video or any other.

    I´m doing my own proyect and I gotta go really fast because the hydrogen for fuel its getting very popular.
    to any coments here´s my email:

  2. The total hydrogen produce for 250 km with 3500 PSI , the cost of the hydrogen producers, production and the coal fuel culture of nations ( tax, oils plants, etc ) is the problem for the use of alternative fuel

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