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Honda Puyo Is No Cujo

The Honda Puyo that will be promoted at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is a friendly little fuel cell device that the automaker is calling a pet. The Puyo is no Cujo, however, and is more like a Nano in regard to its compact size and warmth.

The Honda Puyo offers a panoramic view, joystick instead of steering wheel and a soft silicone outer body that promotes safety when faced with fender benders. Like an iDog, the Puyo will even light up to tell you that it’s happy and everything is functioning correctly.

This boxy little fuel cell vehicle is said to be the perfect companion as it exudes friendliness and warmth. And, one of the most endearing features of the Honda Puyo is that you don’t have to take it out for walkies. Don’t expect this personal electronic pet to hit showrooms any time soon. But, kudos to the Puyo for peaking our interest.

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