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Honda FCX Clarity Rolls Into Garage of Jamie Lee Curtis

Honda FCX ClarityA week ago I talked about how Honda was gearing up to make their big announcement in Japan about the FCX Clarity rolling off the production lines and the first customers to receive the $600 per month lease vehicle.

Following in BMW’s footsteps Honda has decided to lease the FCX Clarity to Hollywood stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis plus filmmaker husband Christopher Guest, Laura Harris, star of 24 who was at the opening ceremonies in Japan and Ron Yerxa, producer of Little Miss Sunshine. Also, on the “A” list are businessmen Jon Spallino and Jim Salomon.

In fact, the Jon and Sandy Spallino family were the first to lease a Honda FCX in 2005 and at that time the price was $500 per month. The only problem they had reported on this older model FCX was a flat tire.

In March 2007, Honda also leased an FCX to 17-year-old actress Q’orianka Kilcher (pictured), who starred in the movie Pocahontas. This was the actress’s first car.

Honda had received over 50,000 applications to drive the FCX Clarity and has narrowed the list down to about 500 people living near the hydrogen fueling stations in Torrance, Santa Monica and Irvine, California.

Honda expects to roll out approximately 200 Clarities over the next three years. So far there has been no word as to what is to become of these vehicles once the lease expires. Expect more hoopla on July 1, when the first Honda FCX Clarity automobiles hit the U. S. shores and start making their way into the garages in California.

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    If customers have problems with their Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicles in the Southern California area they can take them into Honda of Santa Monica, Power Honda Costa Mesa or Scott Robinson Honda of Torrance for servicing. These dealerships are also close to public hydrogen fueling stations as well.

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