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Hertz Hydrogen Rental Cars

You know that a technology is coming of age when a well-know rental car company such as Hertz is offering its customers this technology to drive. This is exactly what is happening with Hertz hydrogen cars.

Hertz of Iceland is offering customers one of three converted Toyota Prius hydrogen hybrid vehicles that it now has available. The conversion was undertaken by Quantum Technologies Incorporated of Irvine, California.

Hertz already offers a standard Toyota Prius under its Green Collection program. This program includes over 35,000 environmentally-friendly automobiles.

The first hydrogen fueling station in the world opened in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2003, but was used primarily to refuel several hydrogen buses that were being used in pilot tests. This week, Icelandic New Energy, opened up the fueling station to the public so that Hertz and seven other converted Toyota Prius vehicles could also refuel at this station.

Even though Hertz is first, it wouldn’t hurt if Avis and Alamo jumped on board as well. This would be very enterprising indeed.

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