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H2Moves Scandinavia to Rollout 2 Fiat Alfa Romeo MiTo FCVs

The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) along with the European Lighthouse Project (LHP), has created H2moves Scandinavia (part of H2moves Europe) which will be rolling out 10 Daimler Mercedes-Benz B-class F-CELL cars plus two Fiat Alfa Romeo MiTo fuel cell vehicles (a first for this company).

The vehicles will serve as shuttles and demonstration cars around the Oslo, Norway region. Oslo will also be having a hydrogen fueling station built by 2011, which will use renewable energy, namely hydropower and the electrolysis of water to create H2.

In addition, H2 Logic will add five hydrogen fuel cell city cars to the mix in Oslo. The FCV city cars will have a range of around 155 miles. H2 Logic will also create a mobile hydrogen refuelling concept with the goal of identifying certification gaps that remain in Scandinavia that need to be addressed before a more robust hydrogen highway system can be built.

In the past I’ve talked about the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway and the Norway Hynor Project which starts in Oslo and runs to Stavanger with five hydrogen fueling station stops in-between. The development of Oslo as a focal point for a hydrogen vehicle and fueling station cluster will serve the EU as a beacon of H2 development much the same was Los Angeles is serving in the U. S.

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