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Fuel Cell Microcab Presented in London

The hydrogen fuel cell powered Microcab was recently presented at the 10th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium in London. But, besides just being a prototype for demonstration purposes, Microcab has much loftier ambitions.

The British government has already laid down the cash for five fuel cell Microcabs that will carry passengers next year around the Birmingham area. The Microcab is especially suited for hydrogen fuel cells since the vehicle will refuel in one central location and typically travels under 100 miles a day and at low speeds as it is usually in the middle of traffic congestion.

The fuel cell Microcab was developed by John Jostins at the University of Coventry who is also up for the Lord Stafford Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit. The Microcab is propelled by an Intelligent Design fuel cell and has room to carry three passengers and one wheelchair.

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