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Free Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell SUV to Drive for 2 Years

Some lucky 100 people are going to get to drive a free Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell SUV for 2 years starting in just a few weeks. Will you be one of them? The Equinox Fuel Cell is powered by General Motor’s fourth generation fuel cell system, which produces zero emissions.

General Motors has decided to take its “Project Driveway” to a few neighborhoods in metropolitan New York, Washington DC and Southern California. By doing this, GM will get to test market the Equinox Fuel Cell in real world conditions measuring performance and fuel data.

If you live within the right zip code area and are deemed geographically desirable by GM, you have a shot at driving this free car. The signup form says GM will make a decision in June 2007 as to who the new drivers will be, but the fact that it is now August and the form is still working, shows there may be some space availability for a few more to jump onboard.

Interested in a free ride on the freeways with GM’s next generation hydrogen vehicle? You may as well take a chance and sign up. Who knows, you may be the talk of your neighborhood very soon.

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  1. would you please enter my son Scott Haskell in the free 2 yr drive for the Chevy Equinox he nad his wife are about to have there first baby and could use this vehicle now. Thank You for your consideration.


    Betty Haskell

  2. admin

    Please see my email and contact Project Driveway through Facebook to sign up for this program.

  3. I would love to drive this new smaller .earth friendly SUV

  4. I would love to be a driver. I am a person that could use this to get to Dr.apts. I have not had a car in 3 yrs. I have to depend on others for rides. I would love to show people that car companies do care what comsumers think and feel about their products.
    Thank you for giving people a chance to take a test a car for two yrs. Great promotion.

  5. Interested what do I need to do

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