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Forze VI Hydrogen Race Car Design Unveiled

Since 2008 I’ve been talking about the Forze hydrogen race cars and now the Forze VI design has just been unveiled. After 5 years of development the engineering team was finally able to scale up the Forze VI to the size of a regular street car.

The Forze VI has six times the power of the Forze V with a fuel cell rated at 260 hp. And the Forze VI can do a sprint equivalent to most supercars with 0 – 62 mph acceleration under 4 seconds. The Forze race car has two large electric motors which move the rear wheels independently.

The only emissions for most fuel cell vehicles are water vapor and heat. The engineers on the Forze VI aren’t letting the water go to waste as they are using it to cool the brakes. The Forze VI H2 race car design was recently unveiled to Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

According to Forze, “The car uses electric motors to power the drivetrain: two powerful motors drive the rear wheels independently and because of that, a special type of electric differential can be used. This system can make a car a few seconds faster every lap. Many smart systems are used to make the car as fast and safe as possible. For example the water produced by the fuel cell will be used to cool the brakes. A computer is being used to control the fuel cell system, electric differential and multiple safety systems.”

The engineers will begin the building process of the race car this Spring and in the summer the Forze VI will compete with 30 other gasoline-powered race vehicles in the Dutch Caterham Cup. Another goal is to race the Forze VI on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and come away with times for the fastest hydrogen powered vehicle in history.


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