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Formula H Hydrogen Racecar Goes for Guinness World Record

Formula HAustralia’s RMIT University and Germany’s Fachhochschule Ingolstadt University have co-developed a “Formula H” racecar that they intend to attempt a Guinness World Record with next year in Germany. The single seat hydrogen vehicle uses a converted motorcycle motor and is expected to reach around 100 mph in the F1 class.

The Formula H car will be showcased at the International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. The point of the showing is to promote that even high power racecars can use clean, zero emissions fuel when competing.

The Formula H car will join the ranks of other hydrogen racecars that have previously run such as those at Formula Zero, the Ford 999, the Ohio Buckeye Bullet 2 and the BMW HR2. But, in the field of racing, their always room for one more H2 car.

By removing as many gas guzzling, less than 10 mpg high power engines from the racetrack as possible and replacing them with zero emissions vehicles, we’ll all be able to breathe a little easier near and away from the roar of the engines. Perhaps, one day the black checkered flag will be replaced by a green checkered flag as well.

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