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Ford Fusion 999 Sets Land-Speed Record for Hydrogen Cars

The Ford Fusion 999 has set a land-speed record for production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Racing down the alkaline speedway before the parachute was deployed a mile too early by its over-anxious driver, the Ford 999 hit 161 mph.

The Ford Fusion 999 is a collaborative effort between Ford’s Fuel Cell Vehicle Engineering and students from Ohio State University. The goal for the Ford 999 racecar is to break the 200 mph barrier. On a second attempt to break this speed, a hydrogen sensor shut down the engine.

Because the Ford Fusion 999 is the first of its kind and without competition, it doesn’t really matter whether or not it hits 200 mph on its next attempt this week, since it has already set the record for others who follow to try to break. Ford is trying to change the public perception of hydrogen cars being weak, tofu-eating vehicles that puff out a little steam from time to time.

The Ford Fusion 999 may just be the infusion of energy needed to break this perception.

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