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Fiat Phylla Solar Car Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Fiat PhyllaThe Fiat Phylla is a solar and hydrogen fuel cell powered city car made in Italy with unique design and styling. Presented at the Uniamo le energie in Turin, the Fiat Phylla (meaning “leaf”) was de-shrouded before an excited crowd.

The Fiat Phylla prototype is so new and raw that the carmaker does not yet have a vehicle that can run under normal conditions. Designed to use its photovoltaic panels to absorb the sun, the Fiat Phylla is also a plug-in hybrid as a well, which is usually for night time or when the solar rays aren’t shining.

The Fiat Phylla was also built from the ground up using recyclable cellular materials giving it a near zero carbon footprint. With a top speed of around 48 mph, this urban vehicle uses its fuel cell to deliver power directly to each of its four wheels.

Mark up another success for Italian design. The Fiat Phylla feels like fun and frolic the way a zero emissions vehicle should feel free to feel. Fantastico!

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  1. one of the solutions to global warming is to design this kind of cars. if it was a big truck of earthmover type, how effective will solar panel really help?

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