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ELPH Future Hydrogen All Terrain Vehicle

On these pages, I’ve put photos and information about some pretty way out hydrogen fuel cell car design concepts. And, this is another one of those. This gives us a glimpse into what the future may look like in 2025 in regard to personal travel.

According to designer Rizki Tarisa, “ELPH is a concept vehicle for year 2025. It is designed to be an all terrain commuting personal vehicle which is equipped with high tech and smart features such as computer aided driving, safety sensors, an ability to tilt when it turns, and multi terrain rear wheels (off – road and on – road). ELPH is also designed to tackle problems such as crowded roads, congestion, and limited parking slots. Moreover, ELPH is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.”

The ELPH was created from the imagination and skill of one young designer who sees a future filled with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and wants to be a part of it. Like I’ve said many times over in this blog, it’s the students of today who will be the designers, researchers and engineers of tomorrow who will be leading the charge of hydrogen car development and deployment on all fronts.

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  1. So is President Bush dreaming deep when he called hydrogen the fuel of the future Let’ cell technology proponents decide.

  2. You have an interesting post in here. I was thinking what the young people of today can bring in the future. This prototype it was like a future wheels of Cinderella (just a thought). =D I have watched lots of movies about the world evolving into something more techy. It was purely based on the imagination of course, but I was thinking what if the world is all about flying cars, all are voice and touch commands (though we already have some) and everything around us doesn’t need for us to work – in the layman’s term everything is easy.

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