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Denny Klein’s Aquygen Boosts Gas Mileage with Hydrogen

Denny Klein, founder of Hydrogen Technology Applications in Clearwater, Florida says he is boosting gas mileage from ordinary cars up to 30-percent using hydrogen gas. The company’s patented Aquygen product or HHO gas was developed for cleaning and hotter burning blowtorches for the welding industry. They are currently selling the H2O 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator to the welding industry.

But, this same product has also been working in a modified Ford Escort LX 1.9-liter engine as well. All the driver has to do is through a switch from gasoline-only mode to one in which Aquygen is injected into the internal combustion engine.

Hydrogen Technology Applications has also demonstrated this same HHO gas running directly in a lawnmower without the aid of gasoline. Running a car directly with Aquygen without the aid of gasoline will most likely take several more years of development. The Aquygen gasoline boosting system for automobiles is supposed to be available sometime in 2008 after OSHA tests and certifies the product.

There is a nifty little video worth watching that explains more. Denny Klein’s Aquygen claims have raised many eyebrows and brought forth many critics arguing the legitimacy of his new product. I’m not quite sure why since there are already hydrogen boosting products on the market such as the Gorilla, which I’ve already blogged about and several other manufacturers as well.

I guess critics and naysayers are to be expected with regard to any new technology that upsets the status quo and that goes as well for HHO – IMHO.

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  1. Kevin,

    What’s your opinion of the various PRT (personal rapid transit) concepts as a future transportation approach? Personally I can’t at all imagine a future where humans still drive via a steering wheel, given how much more efficient computers are at controlling vehicles. And if it’s PRT with rails, I can’t imaging not using simple electric motors since they’re so much more efficient as compared to any combustion engines. I only today discovered your blog, so forgive me if you’ve already covered this topic.


  2. I actually have the plans for another version of hydrogen injection technology sitting on my desk, along with the data for its use. According to the studies the manufacturer has produced, the hydrogen generator has shown to be able to increase fuel mileage about 40%. Currently the drawback is temperature . The warmer the climate the better the injection seems to work. Cooler climates effect the operation of the generator and thus reduce the effect.
    You have to make the fuel for the generator then add the fuel and lean out your current vehicle air fuel ratio.

    Its not rocket science, water injection has been around since the late 60s as a compression booster. Alone water injection can increase current fuel mileage by 25%.

    We are not at the point yet where these generators allow us to strip hydrogen from water and run strictly on the hydrogen produced. However we are at the point where we can greatly reduce the amount of fuel required by mixing in a fog of hydrogen and water.
    The only thing that needs to occur now is to have a vehicle manufacturer step up to the plate and develop a working injection system that is integrated with the vehicles fuel management system.

    Two drawbacks currently are the supply of the water mix to burn in the generator and the high voltage source required to run the generator.

    The generator I am studying now requires 20-30 amps or 12 volt DC current to operate. A higher voltage would allow us to drop the amperage.

    The mix is the other drawback, currently you have to mix up a potion using sauce pans and heat, This is just not a convent method for world wide delivery and consumption. A mix generator needs to be designed which allows delivery on demand to the generator tank.

    Last but not least is the generator tank. Now just an experiment (yes it works) it needs to be developed into a working model for inclusion into the automotive frame, complete with access ports, heater, and stirring capabilities. This will of course be a cost up until mass production proves successful.

    You can order the kit form Moore Energy Conversion Systems in Jackson Mi. Be forewarned this is not for the light hearted shade tree mechanic. You need to be a full fledged mechanic/engineer to make this change over. and there is the sacrifice of making your mix and finally cleaning your tank monthly. But if you live in a warm climate, you can see fuel increase form using this system

  3. Hello,
    I have been intrigued with this form of energy since I saw the video several years ago. But here it is 2010 and I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING ELSE!!! THERE ARE NO CARS WITH THE TECHNOLOGY! I HAVEN’T SEEN IT ON THE INTERNET AT ALL!!! WE NEED THIS H2O CAR TO COME TO REALITY, PLEASE!


  4. I’m with Delores, wheres the technology for a totally clean burning water car? I have been experimenting with the HHO in my truck for over a year now and though it does improve the mileage I’m still working on a total switch. I did have an interesting experience this spring, living in Texas means you have to have your vehicle inspected annually and I had taken my HHO out because of broken jars and my truck wouldn’t pass the emissions test. I went home and put my HHO unit back in and the next day I went to the same place, the same inspector, the same machine and it passed with flying colors. Interesting HUH.

  5. You are all aware that the electrolysis process takes more energy to produce the hydrogen gas than you get back from it when you burn it. This just wastes energy since neither of these processes are 100% efficient. This idea is a perpetual energy machine, which is why it doesn’t exist!

  6. Denny Kleins systems is really nice. I would love to buy one of his welders some day. For now I’m waiting for Denny to release the Automotive version of his system which is said to increase gas mileage up to 28 percent or more. As it is I’m driving a 2000 Honda Insight which I’ve disconnected the Hybrid Battery and Unpluged the BCM battery control module(three plugs), and I’m still getting 57 miles per gallon. That’s probably because the car only has a 1littre 3cylinder engine which is extremely efficient. Oh, and that’s with the AC on at all times as well. My goal is not to run the car on pure water/HHO alone, it’s only to experiment with Denny’s system once he finally releases it for autos. Though I read testing was suppose to be complete in 2008 and it’s now 2011. I don’t understand why Denny has not yet released his Automotive Kit of his system. It looks like he’s selling many of his HHO Welding kit’s though- which is completely great 🙂

  7. admin

    You may want to contact him through his website. I would be interested in hearing your findings.

  8. Hi, Where can I buy a H2O 1500 welding machine? Hank

  9. admin

    You may want to google “hho welding machine” or just “denny klein”

  10. If you need a small HHO torch you may want to look at .

    If you need a larger torch, you may want to look at

  11. im intrested in distribution for your water to hydrogen kits in thailand thats where i live respectfully submitted larry sky ps please send me information and price lists of your products and specks and savings and any promotional material for presentation thankyou again ls

  12. again to clearify i am looking for the conversion for the automobile to boost gas milage and run on hydrogen as well and hope we can come to terms so i can be a distributor in thailand of this product new on the market i remain your s larry sky

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