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Denmark & Sweden to Get First Hyundai Fuel Cell Cars

Yesterday I talked about Denmark and Sweden getting the first production Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicles that come off the assembly line. And today I have a little more information about this very same subject.

According to, “Skåne Regional Council, the southernmost county of Sweden, has signed a public contract with Hyundai for two fuel cell electric vehicles. This is the first time a public procurement for FCEVs has been carried out in Sweden and the cars will also be the first of its kind in the country when they arrive in spring 2013.”

But, wait, there’s more. The goal of Skåne county, Sweden is to be 100-percent fossil fuel free by the year 2020 which is a bit more aggressive than the country of Sweden which is shooting for a 2030 time frame.

Now, in reference to Denmark, says, “The City of Copenhagen has also recently concluded a procurement of FCEVs from Hyundai. They are buying six cars within the Next Move project and an additional nine cars through the European HyTEC project.”

So in other words Hyundai starts production of their ix35 FCEV in December 2012 and they already have commitments on 17 vehicles from Sweden and Denmark combined. That’s a pretty good start right out of the gate. My guess is that in the months to come we will be hearing similar announcements of many other sales and leases as the assembly line starts cranking up production.

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