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Corgi H2GO RC Toy Fuel Cell Car Unveiled

Corgi H2GOThe Corgi H2GO radio controlled toy fuel cell car has been unveiled. The H2GO runs on hydrogen created from water and sunlight. Corgi International has teamed up with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, who in 2006, rolled out their award winning H-Racer hydrogen fuel cell toy car.

The Corgi H2GO was unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany this week. Corgi has stated that the H2GO is the first of several more vehicles to come that will be powered by clean, renewable energy and fuel cells.

Corgi sees the H2GO as starting a new trend in the toy market by offering environmentally friendly vehicles that are entertaining as well as educational. The H2GO comes with its own refueling station that one simply has to fill with water and make available to sunlight for it to work.

Now that this market has been breached a couple of times, expect to see more cars, boats and planes powered by hydrogen coming soon to a toyshop near you.

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  1. I am very excited, I will be getting this for Christmas! If I could just find out WHERE to buy it, 🙂

  2. Found it at a Ross for $20. I lost the instructions and haven’t been able to try it out. Will try to keep you posted.

  3. This machine can sometimes be defective igot one and it failed. everything else worked but the car didn’t.

  4. my car did not work either. everything else did. a bit disappointed was christmas gift for son. a dud, not cool

  5. I just got 1 too and it didn’t work! What a scam!

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