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Chase 2053 Future Hydrogen Hover Car Drives and Flies

Chase 2053Some will say that the future hydrogen car, the Chase 2053 flies under the face of science fiction. And they may be right.

But this future flight of fancy opens up the doors of what hydrogen cars could look like in another 40 years. The Chase 2053, which drives and flies using a hydrogen-powered jet engine comes from the imagination of Thomas Larsen Røed.

Road Warrior Røed envisions an automobile that is almost indestructible because it is built with carbon fiber nanotubes. The upside of this future car is that when traffic becomes too thick on the inner city roads or highway, it can turn into hover mode and fly above traffic.

This hydrogen car of tomorrow will be ergonomically and ecologically sound and it will provide zero emissions and a low carbon footprint to build. Since I had talked about “I have a dream” earlier this week, why not dream of the possibilities of future hydrogen cars and the impact they will have on our society.

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  1. Is this thing powered by a super capacitor?

  2. admin

    Since there are not many details about this future car, my assumption that this vehicle, if it ever does fly (and drive) will be powered not only by hydrogen but also by some form of battery as well.

  3. this is probley where the future is headed it would be fun to test out this car right now tho

  4. This site is awesome. I continually encounter something new & different right here. Thank you for that data.

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