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British Chancellor Takes ITM Power and H2 Ford Focus for Spin

Though ITM Power has had some recent management shakeups, it’s still alive and kicking. At least this is what the British Chancellor Alistair Darling is saying as he took a hydrogen converted Ford Focus for a spin.

The converted Ford Focus was fueled with hydrogen created by ITM Power using solar energy. I’ve talked about ITM Power several times in the past as a company that wants to make hydrogen cars accessible to everyone.

Their plan is to retrofit cars such as the Ford Focus to run on hydrogen. At the same time they are developing low cost home hydrogen refueling stations that run on solar power (or wind power), electrolyze water and create hydrogen cleanly.

ITM Power has also been asked to participate in this year’s Eco Rally from Brighton to London with the modified Ford Focus. While many naysayers talk loudly about how the electrolysis process for creating hydrogen will never be efficient, ITM Power is taking definitive and incremental steps to prove those critics wrong.

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