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BMW Keeps Its Celebrity Hydrogen 7 Rollout in Motion

First, there was Will Ferrell and then there was Jay Leno, the first two celebrities to receive the BMW Hydrogen 7 for more regular use than just a test drive. Of course we don’t want to forget Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cruising up to the premier of Ocean’s 13 in the vehicle as well.

But, now BMW has decided to expand the list of celebrities driving the liquid hydrogen and gasoline bi-fuel vehicle on a daily basis. In the past week, the keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 were handed over to both Placido Domingo and Davis Guggenheim.

Placido Domingo is a world-renowned opera singer who has been singing his praises of the hydrogen car since getting the keys. As part of the BMW Pioneer Program, Domingo is expected to call attention for the need to adopt alternative fuel vehicles for the welfare of the planet.

Davis Guggenheim is the director and producer of Al Gore’s Academy Award Winning documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Earlier this year, Guggenheim stepped out of the BMW Hydrogen 7 at the Academy Awards ceremony.

As the list of the Pioneer Program celebrities keeps expanding it begs the question, “Who’s next?” My short list still includes Al Gore, Tom Hanks and Arnold Schwarzenegger. For the celebrity “A” list to really get some teeth and the Hydrogen 7 to really get exposure we need Oprah driving one of these vehicles. Oprah, you listening?

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