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BMW Hydrogen 7 Will Have Celebrities Green with Envy

As I was cruising the blogosphere, I came across a blog post at Ecorazzi, a weblog devoted to gossip about the “green” celebrities. The post inferred that the BMW Hydrogen 7 just may be the new, hot car for celebrities to show up in before walking the red carpet. I agree.

It seems that a slew of celebrities over the past few years have been showing up to premiers and other events in Toyota Prius hybrid cars to show their alliance with the green community. In fact, so many celebrities and other notables have shown up in these hybrids that no one blinks an eye anymore.

Now comes along the luxury hydrogen production car available to only 100 select customers next year. Is it any doubt that more that a few celebrities are interested in getting on the list for the BMW Hydrogen 7? And, what about the celebrities who don’t have enough clout, contacts or quality agents / publicists to get on the list for this new car of the future?

There will no doubt be a little green envy among environmentalist celebrities who get to watch the fortunate few pull up to the Academy Awards or other premier or ceremony in a BMW Hydrogen 7 to the pop of the paparazzi flashes. It seems obvious to me that BMW’s newest hydrogen car was made for such events.

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  1. Kevin,

    Maybe you know of EMA, the Environmental Media Association. They do environmental placement in movies and on TV with environmentally-friendly products, companies and celebrities.

    This year at their award ceremony (just a few weeks ago), Toyota/Lexus was their sponsor.

    Maybe next year all the celebrities can stop driving these dorky Priuses and pull up in some REAL cars – the BMW 7s.

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