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Bahrain’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Developed

Bahrain is a tiny island-country off the Northeast coast of Saudi Arabia, a few miles Northwest of Qatar. And yet Bahrain has done something very uncommon in the Middle East and that is build a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Students at the Bahrain University have developed a hydrogen vehicle which was on display at the fourth Energy and Water Conservation Expo and Forum.

According to Trade Arabia, “The hydrogen fuel cell is the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East which runs on hydrogen fuel by sucking in oxygen and hydrogen. The engine produces electricity and pure water as a by-product which come out of the exhaust.

“The water that the engine produces is too pure for human use, but with the addition of some salts it can actually produce high quality drinking water.

“Al Balooshi explained that hydrogen fuel cell technology is viable in the region as most of the chemical required can be attained as a by-product of oil drilling, which is not being utilised locally.”

Trade Arabia goes onto say, “The petroleum companies want to use the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in their plants,” said Al Balooshi. “It would be used inside their closed workshops or in malls as it produces almost no emissions. They have even talked about mass production as it is a vehicle that can be used indoors in places like malls.”

So, there you have it. Unlike in the U. S. the petroleum companies, in Bahrain the oil companies see a market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for themselves and also for indoor venues such as industrial areas and shopping malls. It would be helpful if the U. S. oil companies showed an interest in doing the same.


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