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Ammonia Cars a Step Closer Thanks to Hydrogen Engine Center

The past couple of months, I’ve talked about ammonia cars possibly being the automobiles of the future. Ohio State University is developing a system that reforms ammonia and extracts the hydrogen then runs this through a fuel cell.

I’ve also talked about the Hydrogen Engine Center in Algona, Iowa that was developing an internal combustion engine that runs off of anhydrous ammonia. This Oxx Power 4.9 liter, 6-cylinder engine is no longer a concept or a prototype as a unit has been shipped to TGP West in California.

The ammonia engine will be used at a farm in the San Luis Obispo region to supply water for cattle and irrigate walnut trees. Hydrogen-rich ammonia is seen as chemical compound that will enable the upcoming hydrogen economy as much of this chemical is already being produced and there is already a distribution channel in place.

One day in the not too distant future, ammonia may be the chemical of choice to clean up the environment and clean up our floors and windows as well.

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