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2011 Serial Production Mercedes B-Class F-Cell Unveiled

2011 Mercedes B-Class F-CellJust in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show which opens tomorrow, the first serial production 2011 Mercedes B-Class F-Cell has been unveiled on U. S. soil.

Not only have I talked about the Mercedes A-Class and B-Class F-Cell before but I have driven both non-production vehicles as well. Besides the Honda Clarity the Mercedes fuel cell vehicle was the most popular car at the show’s I’ve attended.

Within the next 6 weeks several of the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell vehicles will be in the hands of consumers under a lease agreement in the Los Angeles, California area. In 2012, there will be around 70 vehicles in the hands of consumers inside California also on a rental basis.

The production Mercedes B-Class F-Cell has a range of 240 miles (similar to the Honda Clarity) and achieves around 54 mpg. The Mercedes FCV also uses a bank of liquid cooled lithium ion batteries and a 100 kw electric motor for propulsion.

Get out your wallets, though, since this is a Mercedes, the B-Class F-Cell under its lease agreement will cost $849 per month for 36 months (compare this once again to the Clarity lease at $600 per month).

For those who not only want to make a statement about their wealth but their environment and technological interests as well, Mercedes, the B-Class F-Cell will give friends, family, neighbors and coworkers something to chat about.

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