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125 MPG Plug-In Hydrogen Prius Only Matter of Time

Okay, so I like to dream a bit, which is a prerequisite for a hydrogen car guy like myself. Once I read this article about a plug-in Toyota Prius with a lithium ion phosphate battery, LiFePO4, that gets 125 mpg (by Lithium Technology Corporation of Pennsylvania) that got my mental gears a going.

For a while now I have advocated for combining technologies especially the development of plug-in electric hybrid hydrogen vehicles. In fact, six months after I first blogged about this wish, Ford and then GM rolled out prototypes of such vehicles.

Now, switching gears, several companies, including Quantum Technologies of Irvine, California will retrofit cars and trucks such as the Toyota Prius to run on hydrogen. In fact, Quantum is the biggest supplier of hydrogen Prius vehicles with over 50 shipments to date.

So, here is my wish. With the present technology, it is already possible to use LiFePO4 batteries to achieve 125 mpg in a gasoline-powered Prius. The technology also exists to retrofit a Prius to run on hydrogen. Why not combine technologies and do both conversions at the same time?

A plug-in hydrogen Prius that gets 125 mpg would be zero emissions and use barely any hydrogen, which would mean that the hydrogen storage tanks could be much smaller, the range of the vehicle much greater and fewer hydrogen refueling stations would need to be built for cars with these capabilities.

Yes, the 125 mpg plug-in hydrogen Prius is only a matter of time. Let’s see which manufacturer is bold enough to jump aboard this idea first.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen car blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen cars, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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  1. You are of the same mindset, I have also thought why is everyone so proprietary? There are many new technologies that can be incorporated into hybrids.
    How about adding hydraulic pistons for takeoff-a thinfilm solar panel into the roof-etc. Even if you only gained 6-7 miles per day-they would be worthwhile.
    Cars sit in the sunshine all day long for the most part-can we get a couple miles out of that? Add some hydrogen from distilled water onboard-duh Add some steam to the motor-extract some of the heat we try to remove by cooling and use it to create power etc. etc
    Nick G

  2. LeeRoyJimmiJohn

    The answer is quite simple.”Petrol “HYBRID IS OBSOLITE.
    Plug in hydrogen car!
    (A/C power)-to- plug in-to (fuel cell)-produces (hydrogen to storage tank).
    Drive car using (hydrogen storage tank) to power -(fuel cell)-to power (electric car) .
    No batteries needed ,just one fuel cell , one hydrogen tank and one electric car .Will last longer and be more reliable than battery technology. may be filled quickly at hydrogen filling station ,or plug in at home. Anything more complicated would be a step backwards…Why wa this not done 40 years ago…..hydrogen has been a round for quite a while now……it didn’t suddenly appear ! mm something on (MY wish list ) might come true before I die of old age …and im 38!!!! I will need a hydrogen powered defribulator to bring me back…LOL ELVIS was right “A little less conversation ,a little more action…

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