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100 High School Students Race Model Hydrogen Cars

It’s no secret that having students of all ages build and compete with their model hydrogen cars is one of my favorite subjects on this blog. I like to think that the students of today will be the engineers, scientists, researchers, marketers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow in regard to the commercialization of hydrogen cars and infrastructure.

And one of these stories that has recently caught my eye is about 100 high school students competing with their model H2 cars at the New Providence High School, New Providence, New Jersey. The 7th annual Challenge as it was called was hosted by a company called TransOptions.

According to TransOptions, “As race day began, each team stopped at the Judges Table where a panel examined their model car to ensure that it conformed to Challenge regulations. Each team also presented their documentation portfolio that is required to illustrate the concepts, designs and development of their model car.

“Just prior to each race, pairs of teams huddled at the starting line to produce hydrogen through a process known as electrolysis which powered the fuel cell stack. Cars proceeded to compete against each other, racing two by two down a 66 foot long track. Multiple rounds of elimination races were held until the two fastest cars, “Lancer I” and “Linda II” raced against each other to determine the speed competition winner. “Lancer I” emerged victorious.”

You can see all of the results on the TransOptions website here:



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